Prop 3: “It is hereby declared that buildings over 60 feet in height are generally inconsistent with the residential and historical character of Traverse City. Therefore, any proposal for construction of a building with a height above 60 feet, shall not be approved by the city or city commission, until after the proposal is submitted to and approved by a majority of the city electors at a regular election, or at a special election.”

Stand up and be counted. Vote NO on Prop 3.

  • It’s Illegal

    • It is a direct violation of the Michigan Zoning ¬†Enabling Act
    • Even if it is passed, it can’t be enacted. As ruled by…
      • the Governor
      • the Attorney General (see the letter [PDF])
      • Judge Rodgers
  • It’s Wasteful

    • It would cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle the illegal ammendment.
    • There are extraordinary costs when holding special elections
    • Circumventing the existing zoning process we have in place wastes thousand of hours of city staff and citizen volunteer time that went into creating the zoning code.
  • It puts our Future at Risk

    • It effectively eliminates economic development in our downtown
    • It pushes away private and public investments in our city
    • It lowers our tax base so we don’t have resources for roads, sidewalks, and schools.

What is StandUp TC?

StandUp TC is a group of citizens that are banding together to oppose a referendum that would change the city charter of Traverse City by requiring a review and vote of the electorate for new buildings in excess of 60 feet tall. Stand UP TC members include area residents, workers and businesspeople concerned with the serious negative consequences of the proposal.